The Marathon Training Guide to Life by Temeko Richardson

“Success is experienced when opportunity meets preparation, persistence, and prayer.”

– T. Richardson

“Life is about our mental adjustment to appreciate the good, endure the bad, and prevent the worst – being thankful for another chance to run the course.”

– T. Richardson

The Formula

An A student. Solid upbringing. Multiple scholarships. Nerd. Temple University Graduate. University of Pennsylvania Graduate. Computer Geek career. Entrepreneur. Solid spirituality. CHECK!

Runner. NOT!

One day disappointments were so great that I logged off the computer and left the office with a new challenge – run a marathon. San Diego in two weeks. Count me in. No months of preparation, no running crazy miles during the week, no special diets, and no idea. Just one long run near home on a brisk Saturday morning in New York. I set out to run 10 to see if I could run a half marathon (13.1 miles). I ran 22.

Now 25 marathons (26.2 miles each) completed every 24 months, I have realized that we set our own formula to handle challenges in our life. It’s a course. It’s a journey of successes and failures. Each success requires failures. Each failure ignites an opportunity for improvement. The challenges make us stronger and provide a deeper appreciation for the results.

Giving up. NOT AN OPTION!

The current circumstances are temporary and the challenges exist to build maturity.   No matter where you are in life, do not throw in the towel. Someone is counting on you to Run Life’s Course.