The Marathon Training Guide to Life by Temeko Richardson

It’s Not Only About You.

Contributing towards the well-being of others can fulfill our lives in ways unimaginable.

The day before one of my marathons I decided to stop for an authentic dessert – NO NOT PASTA. During my indecisive moment, an elderly woman walked up to the cashier and ordered her macaroon and pointed towards the latte on the menu board. In French, I whispered to the cashier that I would pay for it. Amazed at the gesture, she asked me to sit with her. I obliged and found out that at 89 she took the bus downtown because she thought it was too beautiful a day to be in the house. She was all smiles as she told me about her family and late husband. Her smile cost me $8.00 but my return was PRICELESS.

Supported Causes

University of Pennsylvania

Educating future Ivy-League Scholars and Engineers to make a humanitarian difference for generations to come. Helping student athletes balance the pursuit of their sports dreams. There’s more to life than just being smart, creative, and resourceful; it’s called generosity.

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Athletes in Action

The organization that puts Christ-centered focus across all sports – collegiate and professional – to uphold the character and share good works and philanthropy across diverse cultures of fans, youth, and other respected athletes. The organization tackles the issue of how to blend faith and sport together on the field of competition. Athletes will learn how important it is to be the role model outside of playing their respective sport.

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Pelotonia - The Fight Against Cancer

Founded in 2008, Pelotonia was established with the objective to fund life-saving cancer research covered by generous funding partners so that 100% of every dollar raised by Pelotonia Riders, Virtual Riders and Volunteers goes directly to The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center—Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute.

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Houston Area Parkinson Society

Founded in 1974, HAPS is one of the oldest independent, local Parkinson’s disease social service organizations in the United States. HAPS provides comprehensive services to eight counties in metropolitan Houston, with an estimated population of more than 6 million people.

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Ray Lewis Family Foundation

Retired NFL 2-Time Superbowl Champion Ray Lewis’ efforts to assist disadvantaged youth in distress by teaching beyond football – the importance of education, family, and health.

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Drayton Florence Foundation

Founded by NFL veteran cornerback Drayton Florence, the organization prides itself on charitable giving efforts focused in Drayton’s hometown of Ocala, Florida and Jacksonville, Florida where he played professionally and graduated with a degree in Sports Management. Established in 2005, the Drayton Florence Foundation was founded with a mission to educate, motivate and stimulate youth, preparing them for a lifetime of success through sports and academics. The mission continues with championship 7 on 7 teams and Punt, Pass, and Kick workshops.

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Top Recruits Now

The organization provides opportunities for under-served middle school and high school female and male athletes ages 6-18 to get exposure to Division 1 schools through college bus tours, participating in camps on college campus, meeting with university advisers regarding grades, and learning interviewing skills along with preparing for FCAT, ACT, and SAT to be valuable members of a Division 1 college.

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