The Marathon Training Guide to Life by Temeko Richardson

The Life

“The way you perceive life is the means you will seek to achieve.”

Life presented by Marathon Runner Temeko RichardsonPersonal satisfaction only warrants a definition by you. Do not let society’s rhetoric dictate what your happiness should embody. This is a sure road to unhappiness with a lot of “I wish”, “if only”, etc. What drives you is probably different than what drives me. Could it be philanthropy, capitalism, family, health, finances, religion, or education?

Life is based on how you define the picket fence, personal well-being, accumulation of wealth and family values. Great people have a balance in at least three of these areas. I encourage you to start seeking balance today. You can put all the energy into your family and not take care of your health and end up being a burden to them in the long-term. You can work long work hours continuously and not take the time for family and health and lose out on the most precious moments. Too much of anything is not good for you. [If you say “except” behind that last statement, the Lord is still working on you.]

Life presented by Marathon Runner Temeko RichardsonThere will be challenges along the way. It’s life! Health challenges, unemployment, unexpected expenses, uncertainty in relationships, or taking care of elderly parents are all common and NEVER happen at an opportune time. Patience, perseverance, persistence, preparation, and prayer are the key ingredients Tomorrow is not promised to you so LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH and embrace – LIFE!!!